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Humble Area Foundation Problems?

The soil under your structure is incredibly important for its stability. What role does soil have in foundation damage? 

In the Humble area, soil expansion causes a ton of problems. Soil expansion happens when ground soil expands with excessive moisture, then contracts when when the weather is hot and dry.  What happens? Foundation damage can occur, and you may see things like:

• Interior or exterior wall cracking
• Doors and windows can become uneven and stick
• Floors slope
• Plumbing pipes break

Left unaddressed, these problems may get worse and can cause greater damage leading to more costly repairs. The Humble area is prone to expanding and contracting soils…and foundation problems. Dura Pier provides free foundation repair estimates to property owners.

Foundation Repair in Humble, TX

Dura Pier Foundation Repair is a family-owned and -operated business that offers foundation repair in Humble, Texas. We have over 45 years of experience and 45,000 homes under our belt and look forward to the opportunity of working together. We conveniently specialize in both residential and commercial repair. Read on to learn more about the foundation repair services we offer in Humble Texas.

Slab Leveling & Repair

Cracks in your walls, cracked brick, doors that stick or won’t close, expansion joints opening up.  Homes in Humble often need foundation repair due to the soil conditions. Dura Pier provides cost effective, long lasting foundation repair solutions.  We use the unmatched Dura Lock® Piling System, which includes a lifetime warranty. Browse our website to find out more on how it works. To find out if this service is for you, schedule a free evaluation today. A Dura Pier certified foundation repair specialist will come will be able to give you a fair price, with an unbeatable service.

New Concrete Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk

If you have an old, broken driveway that needs to be replaced, you’re looking for a new backyard patio, or your sidewalk is a trip hazard, we can help.  We offer professional grade concrete replacement that will beautify your home and increase its value.  Learn more about our concrete work here.   

Preventative Services

With over 45 years of experience in the foundation repair industry we believe that is always a good idea to take the proper preventative precautions to protect your home. We can help you save money with our root barrier systemsdrainage systems, and sewer line repair.

Commercial Services

If you are a commercial property manager in Humble, TX, then our commercial foundation repair services are exactly what you need. We repair schools, universities, churches, government buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and multi-family housing.

House Raising

Steer clear of flooding damage with our house lifting services. We can raise your house anywhere from 6” to 4’ above the current grade.

If you have any questions about our foundation repair in Humble, Texas, please call us at (713) 721-8888.

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