About Dura Pier Foundation Repair


 We’re a third-generation foundation repair company, family owned for over 45 years! As a result, we’ve repaired over 45,000 foundations across Texas including the Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and everywhere in between!  You can trust Dura Pier for affordable, durable foundation repair, house raising and under-slab plumbing repairs that will stand the test of time. We’ve helped generations of Texans at home where it matters most.

The most Durable Foundation Repair available in Texas

Our History


1930’s: Our great-grandfather began levelling homes. Back then, most homes were built with pier-and-beam foundations. We didn’t officially become Dura Pier until 1986, but he built his business on word of mouth and a pickup truck.


After WWII: During the 1950’s, concrete slab foundations were introduced to the Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Expansive clay soils and the thirsty roots of large oak trees created a need for a new foundation repair method. Therefore, our father’s generation responded with the bell-bottom pier.


1980’s: Subsequently, challenges arose when bell-bottom piers proved not deep enough for many parts of Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth soils.  Over time, we developed a new method for foundation repair. After four years of extensive testing, FHA and VA lenders approved the pressed-pile foundation repair method. This system is the industry-standard used today.


Since that time, we’ve expanded our services to the rest of Texas. In short, Dura Pier Foundation Repair has the expertise and experience to repair all types of foundations in Texas.

We level both concrete slab and pier-and-beam foundations. In addition, we provide preventative solutions including deep-root barriers and drainage systems.

Contact us if you need to repair your cracked slab.  Our Dura Lock® piling system will protect your home from the effects of tough Texas soils. 


At Dura Pier Foundation Repair, our goal is to be the most reputable and trusted foundation repair company in Texas. We won’t stop working hard for Texans until every home that needs us is firmly supported with our proprietary, industry leading Dura Lock® Piling system. 

Core Values

At Dura Pier Foundation Repair, our core values lead us in our work every day




Our Team

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