Dura Lock® & Dura Lock XD 

Dura Pier developed and maintains exclusive rights to the industry leading foundation repair method available. Designed to withstand the expansive soils of Texas, our Dura Lock® Piling System is warrantied for the life of the structure.

Flood, Drought, Sewer Leaks. Our Dura Lock® System is designed to fortify against them–and our team will always be on hand should you need us.

Dura Pier is the exclusive provider of the Dura Lock® foundation repair system. Dura Lock® provides durable long-lasting strength and tremendous value. Done Right at a reasonable price since 1978.

  • Concrete Sections Provide Strength, Stability & Longevity
  • Our Dura Lock® System Holds it all together,  Forever
  • Guaranteed to Last with our True Lifetime Warranty
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Extra Depth.
Extra Durability.


Dura Pier is proud to offer our newest and most capable foundation repair system – the Dura Lock® XD System. Dura Lock® XD is designed to go extra deep and provide the long-lasting Strength of the exclusive Dura Lock® Piling System with the Extra Depth only steel pilings can provide. Done Right at a reasonable price.


  • Steel Starter Section goes  Extra Deep through Tough Soils
  • Concrete Sections Provide Strength, Stability & Longevity
  • Our Dura Lock System Holds it all Together.  Forever.
  • Guaranteed to Last with the Best Warranty in Texas.


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• Looking for something even more robust?  Check out our Dura Lock XD® piling system. 

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