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Top 4 Causes of Foundation Problems in Austin, Tx

Weather Conditions by Season: Causing expanding and contracting soils

Under-Slab Plumbing: Leaks may develop causing moisture exposure

Ineffective Drainage: Causes expanding soils to further expand

Tree Roots: Seeking nourishment, deplete water under your home

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The soils around your home continuously move causing foundation problems. Area soil expands when it rains , and contracts in dry weather. Foundations move, settle … even crack!

Free Foundation Repair Estimates for Austin Area Property Owners

Dura Pier offers free foundation repair estimates for Austin Area property owners conducted by Certified Foundation Repair Specialists. Foundation Problems ignored can have serious, costly consequences even dangerous if the damage is severe. Consider the signs of foundation problems at your home as something you can’t afford to miss.

A free foundation repair estimate in Austin from a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist will establish whether or not problems exist. If you do have a problem, we offer a range of durable solutions at reasonable prices.

The Dura Pier Process

Our process starts when an in-house Dura Pier Manager works with you to schedule a free foundation repair appointment.

• Confirmation 48 hours prior to your scheduled on-site evaluation 

• Certified Foundation Repair Specialist arrives at scheduled time 

• We listen to your concerns, go over the problems you’ve seen

• Professional Foundation Repair evaluation will be completed

• If we document foundation problems, estimate will be provided 


Why Choose Dura Pier

Foundation Repair in Austin, TX  & Surrounding Areas

There is a lot to consider when choosing a foundation repair contractor in Austin, Texas. But at Dura Pier, we make the decision easy with our 45+ years of expertise, lifetime warranty, and Dura Lock® Technology. Below are the foundation repair services we offer in Austin, Texas.

Slab Leveling & Repair

Whether your concrete foundation has heaved, creaked, or currently is sinking, we can help you. Our team will level and repair the slab foundation with our Dura Lock® Piling System.

Pier & Beam Foundations

For our customers’ convenience, we specialize in pier and beam and block and base foundation repair. We are fully equipped and trained to provide you with this service. Give us a call today at 512-229-1585 to schedule an appointment with our Austin pier and beam foundation team. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, a Dura Pier Certified Foundation Repair Specialist will come to your house and develop a strategy that is best for you and your budget. Browse our website to learn more about our pier and beam foundation leveling and repair.

Preventative Services

As a repair company, we are strong believers that it is always smart to stay ahead of major repairs. Conveniently, at Dura Pier, we are Austin foundation repair contractors providing preventative services so you can save money and time in the long run. We install durable root barriersdrainage systems, and we’re there when sewer line repairs are a part of a healthy home solution.

Commercial Foundation Repair in Austin, Tx

Our commercial foundation repair services are especially beneficial for commercial property managers. We have 40+ years of experience repairing commercial buildings in our community. We commonly work with schools, universities, churches, government buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and multi-family housing.

Contact us for a free quote today to learn more about our Austin foundation repair contractors and what we can do for you!

Foundation Repair FAQs

Yes, all our DuraLock® Pilings are warrantied for the life of your home, and the warranty transfers to all future owners. Our warranty is a simple one-page document that doesn’t contain any fine print.

Our warranty is one of the few left out there in the industry that doesn’t contain language to void or cancel the warranty for sewer leaks, or if the warranty isn’t transferred to the new owner within 30 days. This warranty is backed by a company in business for over 45 years and with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Dura Pier™ began over three decades ago out of our father’s foundation repair business. His business began out of his father’s. We are proud to be the 3rd generation serving Texas property owners and are in the process of training the 4th generation. Over the last 45 years we’ve served over 45,000 homes, homes, businesses, restaurants and schools.

Dura Pier™ offers cost-effective options for budget friendly-options. Our team also offers financing solutions including 0% interest for 12 months with Enerbank! Generally speaking, most jobs cost anywhere from $3500-$8000. Our warranty guarantees our work, so you won’t have to pay more down the road.

The best method has often been defined as the one that requires the least amount of maintenance. You don’t want a pier or piling system that needs re-adjustment every two or three years, leaving you with constant repair expenses inside your home. As you compare systems, keep in mind that our soil shrinks, swells and shifts with your areas ever-changing weather patterns. The best foundation repair method will be the one that has the best ability to resist moving with the soil.

The straighter the pilings are driven into the ground, the better the soil friction they will attain. The better the soil friction, the longer they will last.

Our Dura Lock® system is the only method that actually connects and tensions each and every concrete cylinder as they are driven into the ground. This allows proper alignment to be achieved and retained, allowing the optimum amount of “soil friction” possible to be attained.

Please review our Company Comparison Checklist and our contract. All the cleanup items pertaining to your job are written down.

Dura Pier™ invests significant time in training our employees to put your house back together again. This includes adjusting doors, seated concrete repairs, plywood lawn protection, re-stretching carpets, plastic protection, and more.

This feature at Dura Pier™ will save you thousands of dollars and headaches dealing with after-market cosmetic repair contractors.

Yes, we have $2 million in general liability, and all our workers are covered by Texas Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Certificates will be provided upon request.

Generally, we will not want to adjust old piers from a contractor that has gone out of business or voided your warranty. More than likely they’ve gone out of business because the number of warranty claims that had received exceeded their ability or desire to honor those warranties, and that is likely because they didn’t do a proper job in the first place. Many companies will void your warranty because they know their piers aren’t made to last like our Dura Lock pilings are. In rare cases we’ll make an exception and adjust existing piers. If we do that, we may also be able to offer you a warranty for those piers to replace the warranty another company voided or will no longer honor.

Austin Area Soils

Austin area soils include three ecoregions all are low in organic matter and have challenging clays. Our soils shrink when the weather is dry and expand when it rains. Austin  soils are commonly exposed to wet and dry cycles perpetuating the effects of shrinking and swelling soils. These fluctuations can cause damage to all foundation systems, especially slab-on-grade.

The Dura Pier Dura Lock® Piling System is warrantied against future slab settlement due to the constant Austin soil moisture fluctuations. We can say with confidence there is no other product on the market as durable as our Dura Lock® Piling System. It’s strong and it lasts. It is because of our unique system that we can offer the best warranty in Texas, bar none. We invite you to compare us against anyone.

If your home was not built with piers or pilings, inevitably, you will eventually need foundation repair. With all the foundation repair companies in Austin to choose from, selecting the right company will probably be the most daunting task. As you compare, be sure to ask what type of foundation repair system they use. Many systems are on the market, and it is up to the homeowner to compare more than just price.

Piling systems that use unconnected concrete blocks, while initially less expensive, will require readjustments much more often and will eventually fail. Initial savings quickly evaporate when you have to redo the work that wasn’t done right the first time. With the Dura Lock® Piling System, foundation repairs are longer lasting which will help protect your investment and your peace of mind.

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