Pier & Beam Foundation Repair & Leveling in Greater Houston

Looking for pier and beam foundation repair in the Greater Houston area? Most homes these days are built on a concrete slab foundation, and so most foundation repair companies have stopped serving customers on a Pier & Beam or Block & Base foundation.  These types of foundations can be affected by the shifting soils and tree roots just like a slab foundation.  Few companies have the expertise and experience to do pier and beam and block and base correct, but this is where we started as a company, and we’ve never stopped providing this service. We pride ourselves on being about to provide pier and beam foundation leveling for our community. 

One of our Certified Foundation Repair Specialists will inspect your home and provide you with a cost effective repair plan.  If you have signs of a foundation issue such as cracks in interior drywall, doors that won’t properly open or close, and separation around exterior windows please call us so we can make the necessary adjustments before the problem gets worse. With over 35 years of experience, the Dura Pier Foundation Repair team will get the job done and get the job done right. Browse our website for more details about our pier and beam foundation repair and leveling in Greater Houston.

Block and Base

Cracked blocks can be replaced, shims reset, termite shields added, and rotted wood replaced. For example, we may recommend adding more base assemblies or a shaker beam. We use solid blocks guaranteed to 6000 psi and steel shims. Whatever your home or business needs, Dura Pier Foundation Repair has the expertise you need with our block and base foundation repair services. Give us a call today at (713) 721-8888 to find out more about our block and beam foundation.

One of the many benefits of our pier and beam foundation repair in Greater Houston, TX, is that we offer a lifetime warranty. We understand how important it is to work with a company you can trust. That’s why with us there is no fine print; once you work with Dura Pier Foundation Repair, you can count us.

Why Dura Pier?

We pride ourselves on being a staple in the Houston marketplace for over three decades. By offering exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and various services, we’re thrilled to provide the expertise you need to get the job done efficiently.

We offer Free Estimates to homes and business owners in the Greater Houston Area. Think you might have a problem but you aren’t sure? Schedule a free evaluation with one of our Certified Foundation Repair Specialists. Click here or call us at 713-721-8888.

We’ve developed the most innovative and long lasting repair method on the market.  Our Dura Lock® bolted pilings are connected and tensioned as they are driven into the ground. Save time and money by getting the job done right the first time.  

Worried about how much foundation repair costs?  You don’t need to put off your foundation repair any longer.  We’re proud to offer several cost-effective solutions to match your budget, and we even offer financing with rates as low as 0% for 12 months!

These days everyone says they’ve got one, but will they be here for you when you need them?  We’ve been here for over 35 years and we’ll continue to be here when you need us.  We offer a simple, one page warranty with no fine print.  No exclusions, no transfer fees, no exceptions. Compare for yourself.

We’ve been serving the greater Houston area for over 35 years.  Many of our team members have been with us for more than 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years.  When it comes to foundation repair experience really does matter.  Don’t trust your home to just anyone.  

Whether you book our concrete slab foundation or pier-and-beam foundation services, our team will treat your home as if it’s our own. We work diligently and thoughtfully to clean up our work area and treat your property with the utmost care.

Our Technology

With our innovative DuraLock® technology, we’ve pioneered a unique system that will prevail against the Houston elements. Despite the escalating and damp weather conditions of the South, DuraLock® technology provides the peace of mind that you need.

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