Deep Root Barrier Systems

Prevent Foundation Problems with a Root Barrier System. Tree roots around your home’s foundation are a major contributor to foundation problems. They can also cause your driveway, sidewalks and walkways to become uneven trip hazards.  We can prevent all of that with a deep root barrier system.  

Let us help you to avoid costly foundation repair by installing our long lasting, deep root barrier system for your home or business. 

Root Barrier Systems

The large beautiful oak trees Texas are known for are often the cause of foundation damage.  Trees planted near a homes’ foundation will extend their roots underneath the foundation and suck up all the moisture.  This will cause the soil to compact and lead to your foundation sinking.  This can happen rapidly in our hot, dry summers.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair offers a cost effective, long lasting root barrier system that will stop tree roots from causing foundation damage.  Read what Texas A&M has to say about root barriers here.

If you have any questions about our foundation repair preventative services in Texas, please contact our team. We are always available to further assist you. 

Prevent Foundation Problems with a Root Barrier System

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