Don't Let Roots Destroy Your Foundation

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Tree roots pose one of the biggest threats to your property's structure. Roots can absorb moisture from the soil under your property, causing the foundation to shift.

To prevent this issue, trust Dura Pier Foundation Repair in in Houston, TX for root barrier installation services. This equipment will stop roots from reaching your foundation. Root barriers won't harm your trees in any way.

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Get peace of mind about your foundation

Get peace of mind about your foundation

If your property has very large trees, roots are more likely to be an issue. Installing root barriers will ensure that you don't have to worry about problems like:

  • A buckling foundation
  • Costly structural repairs
  • Cracked walls

This equipment can also be used to protect sidewalks, swimming pools and other structures. Call us today at 713-721-8888 if you have any questions about root barriers.

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