Foundation Repair Tunnel

If you are experiencing cracks on the walls of your home, your foundation repair plan might include tunneling. When a home’s foundation is sagging in an area, or the home has severely settled in one direction, interior piers are needed to level the home.  By interior piers, we mean piers not around the perimeter of the home, but somewhere inside of the perimeter of the foundation. There are two ways to install interior piers.  One way is to jackhammer through your foundation from inside the home. The other way is to dig a tunnel from outside the home to the location where piers are needed.  Please note, for bell bottom piers, tunneling is not an option due to the machinery needed to drill the piers. 

For some homeowners needing foundation repair, breaking through their floors is an option they’d prefer to avoid. So, tunneling is the answer.  But is it ok to perform foundation repair with tunneling under your home?  The answer is yes, IF you choose the right foundation repair contractor. 

At Dura Pier Foundation Repair, we will dig a tunnel about 3’ wide. We start from the nearest point on the perimeter of the home to the location where the interior piers need to be driven.  The excavated dirt will be neatly stored on sheets of plywood to protect your lawn, or on a section of your driveway if you prefer.  After the piers are installed, dirt is carried back into the tunnel and compacted with a manual tamper. This is done until the tunnel has been refilled and tightly packed.  At this point, your home is resting on piers so the lack of dirt under the home is not a problem.  However, leaving a tunnel under a home would create a place for water to flow into and set.  This would not be good for your foundation. 

This is where hiring the right foundation repair contractor comes into place.  We’ve run into numerous homes where the tunnels have been dug by a plumber or another foundation repair contract, but they only filled the visible portion of the tunnel.  The rest of the tunnel was left empty, and this caused the foundation to further settle.  With Dura Pier you can rest assured that if your home needs tunneling, we will properly refill you tunnel.  This protects your home and helps us to offer you the best warranty.  Because we know we did the job right, we will stand behind our foundation repair warranty. 

When discussing foundation repair tunneling, check the price they are quoting you per foot of tunneling.  Many companies only quote the excavation portion, so the price looks cheaper. If you want the dirt put back, they will give you another price to do so.  Tunneling, and properly putting the dirt back into the tunnel is hard work and time consuming so most companies don’t want to do it. 

If your home or business needs foundation repair in the Houston area, trust the experts at Dura Pier Foundation Repair.  We’ve been doing it right since 1978 and we’d love to help you.  Call us at 713-721-888 to schedule a free appointment. 

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