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Dallas Foundation Repair

Did you know Dallas, Tx is the 9th largest city in the U.S., and the third largest in Texas?  While many know Dallas because of the Cowboys, Dallas has way more going on.  Dallas is home to the largest urban arts district in the nation, and the world’s first 7-Eleven!  Dallas is also one of the fastest growing cities. Unfortunately, Dallas is also home to expansive clay soils that are not friendly to our foundations.  The type of clay found in Dallas is called Smectite.  As the moisture level in the clay changes due to cycles of rain and drought, the clay shrinks and swells which can harm your home’s foundation.  Proactive measures such as root barriers, french drains and sprinkler systems can help, however, the extreme periods of heat and drought common in Dallas are sometimes just too much.  Therefore, the need for foundation repair is quite common.

In business since 1978, Dura Pier delivers award winning foundation repair to Dallas. Every structure is different, and every budget is different.  There is no one size fits all repair plan.  Whether you need drilled piers, helical piers, steel piers or friction piers, we’ve got you covered.  Our most common foundation repair method in Dallas is our exclusive Dura Lock XD® piling system which was designed to ensure that your foundation repair will last a lifetime.   

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