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Lots of companies say they offer a Lifetime Warranty, but look closely. First of all, the warranty is only as good as the company that offers it.  The team at Dura Pier has been faithfully serving Texans from Houston to Dallas/Fort Worth since 1978, and we’ll be here when you need us.  Our Dura Lock® Piling System allows us to offer you the best warranty in Texas.  We encourage you to compare the Dura Pier Lifetime Transferable Warranty to anyone else.

Durable Foundation Repair Done Right Since 1978.

 Our highly trained and experienced employees’ quality work ensures that the job is done right the first time and will stand the test of time. We’ve been using our Dura Lock® Piling System for over 30 years so we know it works better than anything else on the market.  That said, for your peace of mind, Dura Pier Foundation Repair provides a simple, one-page warranty, and our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist will bring a copy and explain the terms during his inspection report. Many of our employees have been with us for 20-30 years, and we require at least 10 years before one earns the title Foreman.  All of this means your home’s foundation is in good hands.  No wonder homeowners continue to choose Dura Pier Foundation Repair year after year.

Our Dura Lock® is unique in that we put the warranty in the property address.  Not your name.  So no need for transfer fees when the home sells.  We recommend carefully reading other contracts and make a comparison using our checklist.

Dura Lock®

Durable Foundation Repair at a Fair Price

Our Technology

Our Dura Lock® Piling System is warrantied against future failure to insure against the ravaging effects of Texas’s constant soil moisture fluctuations.

Whatever unforeseen environmental factors may threaten the foundation of your home, our Dura Lock® Piling System is designed to fortify against them––and our team will always be on hand should any challenges arise.

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Yes, all our DuraLock® Pilings are warrantied for the life of your home, and the warranty transfers to all future owners. Our warranty is a simple one-page document that doesn’t contain any fine print.

Our warranty is one of the few left out there in the industry that doesn’t contain language to void or cancel the warranty for things like the warranty isn’t transferred to the new owner within 30 days. This warranty is backed by a company in business for over 45 years and with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Dura Pier began over three decades ago out of our father’s foundation repair business. His business began out of his father’s. We are proud to be the 3rd generation serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas and are in the process of training the 4th generation. Since 1978 we’ve served over 45,000 homes and businesses.

Dura Pier offers cost-effective options for budget friendly-options. Our team also offers financing solutions. Generally speaking, most jobs cost anywhere from $3500-8000. Our warranty guarantees our work, so you won’t have to pay more down the road.

The best method has often been defined as the one that requires the least amount of maintenance. You don’t want a pier or piling system that needs re-adjustment every two or three years, leaving you with constant repair expenses inside your home. As you compare systems, keep in mind that our soil shrinks, swells and shifts with Texas’ ever-changing weather patterns. The best foundation repair method will be the one that has the best ability to resist moving with the soil.

The straighter the pilings are driven into the ground, the better the soil friction they will attain. The better the soil friction, the longer they will last.

Our DuraLock® system is the only method that actually connects and tensions each and every concrete cylinder as they are driven into the ground. This allows proper alignment to be achieved and retained, allowing the optimum amount of “soil friction” possible to be attained.

Please review our Company Comparison Checklist and our contract. All the cleanup items pertaining to your job are written down.

Dura Pier invests significant time in training our employees to put your house back together again. This includes adjusting doors, seated concrete repairs, plywood lawn protection, re-stretching carpets, plastic protection, and more.

This feature at Dura Pier will save you thousands of dollars and headaches dealing with after-market cosmetic repair contractors.

Yes, we have $2 million in general liability, and all our workers are covered by Texas Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Certificates will be provided upon request.

Generally, we will not want to adjust old piers from a contractor that has gone out of business or voided your warranty.  More than likely they’ve gone out of business because the number of warranty claims they had received exceeded their ability or desire to honor those warranties, and that is likely because they didn’t do a proper job in the first place.  Many companies will void your warranty because they know their piers aren’t made to last like our Dura Lock pilings are.  In rare cases we’ll make an exception and adjust existing piers.  If we do that, we may also be able to offer you a warranty for those piers to replace the warranty another company voided or will no longer honor. 

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