Usual Reasons Behind Home Foundation Problems

Dura Pier Foundation Repair has been in the house foundation repair business for a long time and we have seen as many versions of foundation damage. Here are a few conditions that are present in many of the homes we’ve worked on.

Usual Reasons Behind Home Foundation Problems

Extreme Soil Moisture Loss

Cracks in the soil surrounding your home’s foundation means extreme lack of moisture over an extended period of time. Consistently adequate soil moisture levels are necessary in keeping your foundation stable. You can help attain the consistency of moisture if you have your foundation inspected during and after a long drought. Keep your soil properly watered throughout the rest of the year. Move any plants or trees as far away from your foundation as possible.

Extreme Soil Moisture Gain

Too much moisture is also bad for your foundation. Water causes soil to swell up and when too much expansion occurs, foundation stability becomes an issue. You can prevent this by keeping drainage systems in check. Have an inspection done if you notice water pooling on the soil surface around your home. A Dura Pier Foundation Repair house leveling team can help you better determine if any damage has occurred and perform the work necessary to correct it.

Poor Construction

No matter how beautiful your home is, a poorly constructed foundation will render it unstable much sooner than you think. If you own an older home, find out more about its initial construction. Have a professional inspection done to spot possibly hidden problems and get help before they get worse later on. When you’re planning to build a new home, on the other hand, pick only the most trusted contractor in your area to do the job, like Dura Pier Foundation Repair.

Our highly experienced team at Dura Pier Foundation Repair is more than capable of providing the best foundation repair service possible for your home. We are recognized as a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist by the NFRA and have the ability to fix all types of foundation. Call us at(713) 721-8888 and let’s discuss your foundation repair needs. We offer inspections at no cost for homeowners in Houston, TX.