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Foundation issues that aren't addressed can lead to a slew of problems, including uneven floors and cabinets separating from the wall. If you're experiencing foundation problems in Houston, TX or the surrounding area, turn to Dura Pier Foundation Repair.

Our experienced foundation contractors can repair your foundation, fix cracked slabs, level your home and take preventive measures to make sure you don't experience problems in the future. Schedule an appointment with our foundation repair company today to get started on your foundation work.

As You Consider Who to Trust With Your Foundation Repair, Please Keep In Mind

Family Matters Dura Pier is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated company
Location Matters We are native Houstonians and are specialists in area soils and repair methods
People Matter Our employees are full time, many with over 20 years’ experience
Certification Matters Doing the job right the first time and certifying the result

4 Great Reasons to Hire Dura Pier

1) Long-Lasting Repairs Our Dura Lock Bolted Pilings need fewer adjustments because they are actually connected and tensioned while being driven into the ground. Longer lasting foundation repairs will save you thousands of dollars in continuing re-decoration and landscaping costs over time, as weaker type piers require more frequent re-adjustments and maintenance.

2) Price Long lasting repairs are less expensive and reliable over time.

3) Lifetime Transferable Warranty  Not voidable for sewer leaks. Not voidable when transferred to a new owner. Backed up by a 3rd generation family.

4) Cleanup  Most thorough in the industry, saving you hundreds of dollars with later sub-contractors. From chiseled concrete repairs to adjusting doors, we treat your home as if it were our own. Please review our Company Comparison Checklist.

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