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Get a free foundation repair estimate in the San Antonio area today. Dura Pier has the industry’s leading foundation repair technology & has completed over 45,000 successful foundation repairs Since 1978.                   

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Durable Texas Foundation Repair. done right since 1978.

Dura Pier™ foundation repair san antonio, texas.

For over 40 years, we have provided free, no obligation evaluations and repaired over 40,000 Texas foundations. San Antonio soils and weather conditions are unique. Only Dura Pier™ can provide over 40 years of experience with the most durable foundation repair technology available in Texas. We developed our exclusive Dura Lock® and Dura Lock® XD systems over many years through partnerships with Engineering Departments at Texas Universities to provide a more durable foundation repair option. Today, we offer property owners the most durable, cost effective foundation repair solutions available. 

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