Pier and Beam Work in Texas

House leveling is a term usually associated with pier and beam homes, but can apply to slab homes as well. Pier and beam construction describes homes built on concrete blocks. Some homes have a deep concrete grade beam around the perimeter, and they have vents to allow airflow under the home. Homes without the grade beam are usually referred to as "block and base."

As the blocks settle, they can lean allowing the supporting wood sills to become dislodged. Some homes have water standing underneath which leads to wood rot, termite, and mosquito issues.

As slab homes began to dominate the residential home construction industry after WWII, pier and beam homes were not built as often. However, they have experienced a comeback recently, especially in high-end neighborhoods and with the recent flooding in Houston. As construction of these homes declined, so did the number of foundation repair specialists who worked on them. Most of the craftsmen who had the expertise to repair these homes have retired or passed away.

Our grandfather was one of those craftsmen who worked on pier-and-beam foundations. He passed that expertise to his son, who passed it on to the current generation of Dura Pier Foundation Repair owners. It is a time-consuming process if done right, but the repairs can last 20-30 years. The foundation repair cost for pier and beam is usually less than for slab homes, unless rotted wood is found.

Special Repair Considerations

Special Repair Considerations

When repairing pier and beam homes, it is vitally important that knowledgeable and experienced crews perform the work. There is much more involved in this type of repair than simply digging holes and driving pilings.

Dura Pier brings three generations of expertise to every job we do. We have the craftsmen to replace damaged wood sills with new treated wood, add termite shields and double steel shim rows. We replace cracked blocks with new solid blocks, add sand skirts, and install new solid bases to each assembly. If needed, we can install French drains and moisture barriers. Dura Pier has the skills to raise your home by installing additional 8” blocks, including the disconnect and re-connect of utilities.

Please call Dura Pier today and schedule a thorough foundation repair inspection of your home. We will leave a written report containing the most cost-effective solution and any options that are available.

Dura Pier is an expert at pier and beam construction methods and repairs and can provide a wealth of knowledge on the subject. We have repaired thousands of these homes over the years and know how to do it right. Please call (713) 721-8888 and schedule a free, no-obligation foundation repair inspection and written report.

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