How Different Kinds of Soil Can Affect Your Foundation

Choosing a site with the best soil is an important part of building a house. Foundations in general need to be on strong and stable soil because otherwise, the structure built over it could sink or crack. Read on as Dura Pier Foundation Repair, a residential foundation repair expert, discusses different kinds of soil and explains how they can affect your foundation.

How Different Kinds of Soil Can Affect Your Foundation

How Soil Type Can Affect Foundations

Loam is typically a good soil for foundation and it is a combination of clay, sand and silt. It also handles moisture in a balanced way and will generally not shrink or expand enough to cause damage.

Clay, on the other hand, expands when wet and shrinks when dry. Clay is also easily moved when moist. These qualities can cause clay to exert a great deal of pressure on foundations. Rock like limestone, sandstone and bedrock have excellent bearing capacities. However, the rock surface must be level before the builder constructs the foundation. If not, the foundation must be secured in place with anchors.

Peat is formed by decomposed organic material and its color ranges from dark brown to black. It is similar to clay and exceptionally porous. Sand does not retain water but it can be washed away, which can cause gaps to form beneath the foundation. As an interior foundation repair expert, Dura Pier Foundation Repair uses a foundation repair system that takes local soil type into account.

Our Dura Pier Dura Lock Piling System

The soils around Houston consist of highly expansive clay called black gumbo. Black gumbo is constantly swelling, shrinking and shifting depending on the amount of moisture present within the soil. Long periods of drought followed by long periods of rain can wreak havoc on local foundation systems. Our Dura Pier Dura Lock Piling System will ensure the correct alignment of your foundation and it can resist future soil movement, ensuring that repairs last.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair has the experience, expertise, and resources to repair all types of interior and exterior foundation repair projects in our area. Good engineering designs can incorporate corrective measures and management practices to counteract non-ideal soil conditions. We also provide preventative solutions. Call us at (713) 721-8888 to learn more about our services and products. We serve Houston, TX, and nearby areas.