We are a family-owned and -operated foundation repair company in Houston, TX, that has been in business for three generations.

Our grandfather began leveling homes in the 1930’s. Most homes back then were built with pier-and-beam-type construction, and leveling consisted of crawling underneath to shim the blocks and beams and replace rotted wood.

After WWII, concrete slab foundations were introduced to the Houston area. Unstable black gumbo clay soils and large beautiful trees quickly created a need for a new foundation repair method. Our father’s generation responded with the deep-drilled system for foundation repair with bell bottom pier.

By the 1980’s, some challenges with foundation repair using bell bottom piers led to a new and advanced technological breakthrough. After four years of extensive testing, FHA and VA lenders approved the pressed pile foundation repair method. This system is the industry standard used today.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair has the expertise and experience to repair all types of foundations located from Sugar Land to Kingwood and from Montgomery to Clear Lake. We level pier-and-beam, slab on grade, and post tension concrete slabs. We also provide preventative solutions including deep root barriers, French drains and moisture maintenance systems. We can repair cracked slabs, heaving slabs, and tuck point mortar cracks. With our locking piling, the effects of black gumbo soil can be minimized.

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