Looking for durable, professional Houston residential foundation repair?

Houston area soil conditions are the primary cause of foundation problems.

As the soil under and around your home is continuously shifting, shrinking, and swelling around your structure with the variations in the soil’s moisture content. What happens? Over time, your home’s foundation shifts, settles and can crack.

Houston area weather changes seasonally. Rainy seasons alternating with dry seasons that can cause drought conditions can wreak havoc on soil underneath your home. In areas with expansive clay soils, this is a common cause of foundation problems. Soils with high clay content absorb more water than other soils. This causes the soil to expand when wet. The wet, expansive soil then pushes upward on the foundation. When the soil dries it contracts, the foundation settles. This continuous foundation movement can result in cracks and other damage.

These Common Factors Contribute to Foundation Damage:

  • Seasonal weather changes
  • Ineffective drainage causes expanding soils to further expand
  • Under-Slab plumbing leaks may develop causing moisture exposure
  • Tree Roots seeking nourishment, deplete water under your home

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