Prevent Foundation Repair

Foundation problems in Texas are quite common, but foundation repair prevention can save you money.  Whether you live in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin, the combination of clay soils and poor foundation planning can set you up for a foundation failure or a problem that costs a lot of money to repair.  There are a few things you should consider and do to prevent costly repairs on an existing or planned building. 

New Site Construction


Preventing foundation problems in Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth for new building sites requires doing a little investigating before construction begins. Has there ever been a foundation on the property before? Have there been areas filled in, such as old septic systems or ditches? Have old underground tanks been removed? How close are any of these to an area where you might want to install a foundation? The answers to these questions can impact the stability of the substructure. A qualified engineer can determine the right dimensions and thickness for a slab foundation needed to make a building that lasts. Homes with post-tension cable slabs fail early and often due to errors during construction.


Older Construction


Older buildings suffer foundation problems in Texas due to the frequent expansion & contraction of the clay soil. Trees and moisture can also be the big culprits in causing foundation problems. Decaying roots cause foundations to crack and collapse, and new trees grow roots into existing foundations. If the area collects water after heavy rains, it can make the soil swell and cause damage to the construction. That is why it’s important to keep an eye on the area around your foundation.  Installing a root barrier early might help, and proper drainage can go a long way.  


Restoring Slab Foundations


Pilings can be installed to provide permanent stabilization of the structure. 


Damage from a shifting foundation can be expensive.  These foundation repair prevention measures, including a small repair now could save you $$$ in the future. For more information, or to have a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist inspect your home, please call 713-721-8888 or 214-699-4784 or click here to have our office call you to schedule a free evaluation.