Foundation Repair in Missouri City, Texas 

Looking for foundation repair in Missouri City, Texas? Rely on Dura Pier Foundation Repair to get the job done. We offer a variety of foundation repair services, including concrete slab repair and leveling, pier and beam foundation repair, preventative services, commercial foundation repair, and house lifting. Browse our website for additional information about our family-owned company, and why you can depend on us and our lifetime warranty.

Slab Leveling & Repair

Not sure if you need qualify for concrete foundation repair? If so, you’ll see one of three telltale signs in your foundation: heaved, cracked, or sinking concrete. If you see any of those signs, contact us today to set up a free evaluation.

Pier & Beam Foundations

Unfortunately, pier and beam and block and base foundation can be damaged by shifting soils and tree roots. Fortunately, Dura Pier provides pier and beam foundation leveling and repair. Give us a call today so we can create a cost-friendly plan and get to work!

Preventative Services

It is very beneficial to be proactive about your foundation, which is why we offer preventative foundation repair in Missouri City, TX. Browse our site for more information about our drainage systems and root barrier systems.

Commercial Services

Our commercial services are particularly favorable for commercial property managers. Typically, during our commercial foundation repair projects we work with schools, universities, churches, government buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and multi-family housing. We even partner with General Contractors and Charitable Organizations.

House Raising

Our house raising services will help you avoid major flooding damage. Our team will safely raise your house 6” to 4’ against the original grade. We make it hassle free, get a free quote today!

With over 35 years of experience, our team can answer all of your questions about our foundation repair in Missouri City, Texas. Call us today at (713) 721-8888 to speak with a certified foundation repair specialist.