Foundation Problems: Signs to Watch Out For

Home foundations, in time, weaken due to various factors. These include the growth of tree roots, rainfall and changes in temperature. Some of these problems manifest late, which, if left ignored, could spell trouble for the whole structure.

The home of residential foundation repair pros in TX, Dura Pier Foundation Repair, discusses the following signs of foundation issues you should watch out for.

Wall Cracks

Homes often develop wall cracks that normally appear years after their construction. Those that run up and down or at an angle within 30 degrees of the vertical, for instance, are not that serious. However, certain cracks, especially those that run sideways, may cause the foundation to bulge inward as a result of soil movement. Such cracks would require the expertise of the foundation repair professionals.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Windows and doors don’t just get stuck due to changes in the materials and components. This problem is also considered a sign of a foundation problem. When operating doors and windows become difficult, it means the foundation has made everything uneven. To be sure, consider contacting interior foundation repair specialists to determine the cause of these issues.

Sagging Flooring

Out-of-level flooring and other related signs such as sagging and dipping mean your foundation has been damaged, requiring immediate repair work from the experts. The pier and beam foundations underneath the soil may have sagged further, causing the floor to become uneven.

Once you find any of these signs, it is imperative that you contact Dura Pier Foundation Repair right away. We have a team of certified foundation repair specialists to address your concerns regarding your home’s structural integrity. Call (713) 721-8888 to get started with your interior and exterior foundation repair needs. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free inspection of your property. We serve Houston, TX, residents.