Dura Pier Dura Lock Foundation Repair Piling Design

Dura Pier Dura Lock Foundation Repair Piling Design

Only system to use 5/8 inch corrosive resistant bolts to permanently ensure the correct alignment

Dura Pier Foundation Repair's Dura Lock Pilings were designed over 20 years ago by engineers seeking to maximize the longevity of foundation repairs. Dura Locks are the only piling system on the market that actually connects and tensions each and every concrete cylinder as they are hydraulically driven into the ground. The secret is a 5/8 inch corrosion resistant bolt that is inserted one at a time, and properly tightened and tensioned to each preceding cylinder. The Dura Lock System ensures correct alignment, and resists future soil movement.

Houston area soils consist mainly of highly expansive clays called Black Gumbo, and are constantly shifting, shrinking, and swelling with the variations in the moisture content of the soil. Long periods of drought, followed by days or weeks of rain, cause havoc to all foundation systems, especially slab-on-grade. The Dura Pier Dura Lock Piling System is warrantied against future slab settlement due to the constant soil moisture fluctuations Houston is known for.

If your home was not built with piers or pilings, it is inevitable that you will eventually need foundation repair. With all the foundation repair companies to choose from, selecting the right company will probably be the most daunting task. As you compare, be sure to ask what type of foundation repair system they use. Many systems are on the market, and it is up to the homeowner to compare more than just price.

Piling systems that use unconnected concrete blocks, while initially less expensive, will require readjustments much more often, and are not cost effective over the long term. Initial savings quickly evaporate as repeated cosmetic repair costs continue over time. With the Dura Lock Piling System, foundation repairs are longer lasting, and help protect your investments, and your peace of mind.

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