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Improper drainage around your structure’s foundation is a major contributor to foundation problems in Texas. Standing water not only damages your home, but it can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, damage your lawn and allow mold & mildew to grow.   

Let us help you avoid costly foundation repair by installing a custom designed drainage system for your home or commercial property.

Drainage Systems

Standing water near your foundation is a problem. It can lead to excessive foundation settlement needing repair. The solution is to get water away from your home’s foundation.  Proper grading and roof gutters are important but sometimes they aren’t enough. Avoid needing a major repair in the future with our preventative drainage systems services.        

At Dura Pier™, we have several drainage solutions to meet all budgets.  From commercial grade systems using rock, liners, perforated schedule 40 drain pipe and concrete catch basins to more economical solutions for lighter needs. One of the advantages of our drainage service is that we’ll work with you to design the right drainage solution for your needs and your budget.  You may also consider hiring an engineer to calculate your drainage capacity needs and design a system that we can then install for you.   

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