Dura Pier Bell Bottom Piers

Dura Pier Bell Bottom Piers

Dura Pier Foundation Repair's Bell Bottom Pier design has advantages you can't just ignore

The Bell Bottom Pier Method was developed to underpin lightweight residential structures over 50 years ago. At one time, it was the only foundation repair system available and has served well over all these years. Bell Bottom Piers are a viable solution for some homeowners because of the many benefits it delivers in certain situations.

Soil Testing

Utilizing this method, your soil will be tested on-site down to a depth of 15 feet for strength and condition. Testing the soil is necessary to ensure piers are installed deep enough to reach stable ground. Failing to confirm piers have reached the stable soil during installation could lead to damage and additional settlement over time.

Uplift Prevention

Bell Bottom Piers are a reliable solution to withstand the threats of potential uplift. Uplift occurs when the soil swells during rainy season, and can put pressure on the piers to move upward. The bell bottom part of the pier serves to 'anchor' the pier into the more stable areas of the soil at deeper levels.

Visual Confirmation

Everything can be seen during the installation, from the shape of the bell, its angle of installation into the ground, and the shaft's depth. Having the ability to visually inspect eliminates any possibility of skewing and misalignment.

Solid Support and Base

The design and features of Bell Bottom Piers are made to deliver excellent structural support. First, the Soil Engineer takes soil samples and measurements to calculate the precise size and depth of the pier. The pier shaft diameter is usually 9 to 12 inches, and drilled to the recommended depth (usually 10 to 15 feet). Then, the piers are 'belled' out at the bottom of the shafts, usually from 20 to 36 inches in diameter. Steel rebars are added into the shaft and bell sections, then intertwined with the pier cap before the concrete is poured. Once the piers have fully cured, usually about 3 - 4 weeks, there is a solid support to raise and support the structure for the long term.

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