Avoid These Problems With Proper Home Foundation Maintenance

Alternating periods of rain and drought can affect the moisture levels of the soil surrounding your home and put your foundation at risk. As a response to this, we recommend the use of Dura Pier Foundation Repair’s lock piling or bell bottom piers to gain better foundation stability. To avoid structural damage in your foundation to begin with, always pay attention to the following:

Avoid These Problems With Proper Home Foundation Maintenance

Extremely Dry Soil

The lack of timely moisture maintenance can lead to cracking in the soil surrounding your home. Watering only when cracks have become visible will not be enough. You need to keep soil moisture levels up even before the dry months begin and, when they do, it’s important to water more frequently.

Faulty Roof Drainage

Too much water may also make your foundation unstable. Extremely high moisture levels can cause your soil to expand. A common reason for this occurrence is having a roof drainage system that dumps water too close to your foundation. Have your downspouts adjusted or extended. In case of resulting uplifts, consider using piers from Dura Pier Foundation Repair with bell bottom designs.

Planting Too Close to the Home

Proximity considerations are often overlooked by homeowners in having various plants and especially trees situated near their home’s foundation. To deal with this issue, make arrangements to relocate trees as soon as possible. They need to be in an area of your property where they can thrive without drying up the soil around your home.

To learn more about keeping your home’s foundation in good shape, reach out to Dura Pier Foundation Repair. We can give you a primer on how both our bell bottom piers and lock piling system designs work and help you decide the best option for your home. Call us at (713) 721-8888. Inspections are free for residents of Houston, Texas.